Friday, 31 October 2014

Grover's place!

Remember this little guy? :D

In august, this little fella (scarlet -chested parrot) fell out of the nest. We (my partner and I) actually thought he passed away but when we came closer, his little tail moved. We took him home, kept him warm and fed him with a syringe. 

This is right after we found him;

The weeks of very intensive care that followed (including veeery early feedings @.@ ), we saw him visibly gaining strength, grow a beautiful feathery coat, eating food on his own, trying to fly (lots of stuff broke because he bumped into it.. he's a little clumsy :D ) and become a very happy, healthy and curious bird. 

We call him Grover. Yep! The blue muppet from Sesame Street! 

We decided to keep him at our own home and build him his very own aviary, Grover's place. That's why there was so much work around the house.

And since we fed him, he's very tame and thinks we're his mom&dad. He sits on our head/shoulder or near us when he's out of the aviary. We brought home a very pretty albino ladyfriend to keep him company. He loves to fly around with her and he actually started feeding her. That's a good sign, that means he likes her! :D

She's not as tame as he is, so he tries to "learn" her to come near to us. He will sit on our head, fly to her and then fly back onto our head, like he's showing her it's safe to sit there. So cute. 

Just look at that little face. He's completely soaked from taking a bath, looking like a mushroom and he doesn't understand why I'm laughing :D

Right now he's growing his new feather coat (young scarlet's do not grow their original color yet while growing up) and will get a very pretty cobalt blue head, white chest and black beak. 

Hope to show you some new pictures soon!

So proud of this little one! <3

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Castlefest 2014

Just a week ago I was shivering, being nervous and scared how Castlefest would turn out. I would never have guessed what happened that weekend!

Friday I set up the booth, after testing out a few times before in the living room, it turned out differently, but it worked out well enough :)

The first hour  of Castlefest was full of nervous giggles and shaking but after an hour I could let that go and accept what was happening. 

The responses where overwhelmingly positive, it was like stepping into a completely different world. The people where so friendly and open minded. The evenings we drove back home, I really needed that calm and quiet hour to deal with what happened during the day. I normally receive much love and positivism online, which was already very special to me. Receiving it face to face was intense!

I've met amazing people, I also met people who have been following me for a while, some even brought the sweetest gifts, thank you so, so much! It's already special for me but you guys really gave me wings!

I would like to thank Natasja and Mark, for giving me the opportunity to experience this amazing world. The team that made Castlefest happen, the volunteers who worked so hard to give everyone a amazing experience. The sweet exhibitors who had booths next to us. The visitors who brought so much positive spirit to the event. People that adopted, commented or took pictures of my Trolls.  And of course, last but not least, the people online who gave me strength and energy boosts to be able to create Trolls and therefore experience Castlefest. Thank you guys with all my heart <3

For more pictures of Castlefest, click the picture below :)

In the meantime we're on holiday and today we drove home to feed and take care of our animals (it's about a one hour drive from our caravan)

We noticed one of the young birds left the nest too soon, the parents didn't look after him so he was weakened. We now feed him ourselves until he's strong enough to go back, he went with us to our caravan and look at this little warrior now! <3 

He keeps us busy while we're taking babysteps back to the "normal world" :D

Have a great weekend everyone! 

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Tick tock!

The last day before the Castlefest event, we went to Lisse yesterday evening to build up part of the booth. Friday morning all the Trolls and decoration will travel with us to fill up the booth with magic :)

The past week was a crazy rollercoaster, the final trolls are sculpted and the last decoration pieces are collected. The house is a horrible mess right now and is crying desperately to be cleaned, woops! :D I've done the last bit of grocery shopping today and am working on some pre-sculpted things to show tomorrow as a demo.

I'm very, very excited for tomorrow!

For those visiting my booth this weekend, here's (red circle) where I will be standing :D 
Feel free to come visit me and say hi!

On sunday the lovely lady of Twinkeling Forest Miniatures, Joyce, will be showing her amazing dollhouse miniature work. She has a Facebook page with her lovely work, it's certainly worth it to have a look!

And finally, 
I want to thank all of you for your support the past couple of weeks, I really enjoyed sharing this process with you and I hope to continue my blog after the summer holiday :)

For now, I'm about to jump into this new big adventure which will be awesome and I hope to share lots of pictures with you guys as soon as possible!

WHeeeee!! Fingers crossed! 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Baby Boom!

The new clay arrived! Yaaay! *happy dance*
I've accidentally ordered the wrong color, but I was so surprised by the outcome of the baked pieces that I decided that it's my new favorite!
The colors are a lot more vibrant than the color I used before, so that's a plus! 

The past week was a very productive week which flow I hope to continue all the way to Castlefest :D

Last week I finished the Grotto's I was working on, I took them with me to our garden, they seemed to like it! 

These are actually my favorite flowers, I have no idea how they are called in English! I can't seem to find the right name after a google search. They are called "IJsbloemen" in Dutch :)

I've made some Potion bottles, I'm using them as necklaces now, but I may just use them as potion bottles for the trolls, not sure yet :)

The past week and this week are filled with little baby trolls! I made a batch of cocoon babies;

And I'm currently sculpting full body baby trolls. My partner suggested to put them in bird's nests, which I thought was a good idea!
I've bought some coconut fiber, moss, glue and most important, iced coffee (so important!)  to get started. 

After fighting with hotglue and thread for about an hour, this is the end result!

And the second one;

Last but not least, this little friend joined us! He's waiting for new clothing which he will get this week :)

That was it for this week, thank you all for reading! ;)

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mold Madness!

Sooo yeah, I am out of clay. That was unexpected.. LOL :D 

I'm currently waiting for fresh blocks of clay to arrive in the mail, in the meantime I'm working on a small batch of Grotto's, keychains and Trottles from my remaining resin. 

Almost everything is about to go empty! (Except my ideas and inspiration, whehw!)

This Grotto is about to get sewed together and his hair glued on. Because my glue was empty (REALLY?????!!!) I bought a different type of glue of which I thought it was better, but meh, it doesn't stick anything together, not even my fingers! o_O 

So I need to get a new container tomorrow :) 

These are sealed and almost ready for a body! I need to use gloss on the eyes and teeth :)

Last week almost all of my ordered things are in, except for some decoration on the table, which I expect to arrive around friday :)

Look at this! Whaaaa!!! I never thought it would come this far to actually have my own banner in my hands. It's so crazy and still unbelievable, but it's so awesome!!

My partner also ordered a T-shirt to wear at Castlefest, turned out pretty cute! It's a drawing of Rupert, made by Creepynurse on Deviantart!

Sooo that's all the news I have for you this week. The last weeks are so stressfull but I'll make sure it will be a very magical booth in August! I've spend the past days dressing Trolls, but I'll show that to you guys next time ;) 

Love and a happy week!

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Getting there!

Wheeeeew!! It was a very busy yet fun week!

First, I want to show you how the big doll (Called Nevan now!) turned out!

This is a work in progress picture of one of his gloves. They are so huge they almost fit me!

And here he is! All finished and ready to come with me to Castlefest :D I'll take some better pictures of him soon, these are just quick snapshots with my phone.

I posted a picture of a bottle last week that I wasn't very fond of yet. Thanks to some great advice/inspiration from two readers I decided to try out something fun!

Last week was full of butterflies and toadstools !

I will use the other half of my bottles for making Trottles.

Now that Castlefest is getting closer, I wanted to sketch and try out the decoration of my booth. 

I've made a picture of one of the tiny details I will put down.

 The color of the cloth is going to be black, the measurement of the booth is off because this is just a test to see how it will turn out :)

I finally ordered everything I need to decorate the booth so it will be delivered in time, I'm so excited to see how it'll look all together!

Last weekend we bought new lights for our tent, it looks so magical! I'll take a better picture soon, here we were still in the process of attaching them to out tent ;)

We also went to a amazing garden called "Ampies Berg" in the Netherlands. This is a private garden, started by two brothers, inspired by Austria's nature.

They worked for over 50 years on this and it was so awesome to see! The highest point is about 15 meters ( 49 feet) tall! Everything you see is build by hand, every rock and every flower. Wicked!

So now onto a new week full of sculpting and finishing the last dolls, wish me luck, this is how my desk looks now! @.@

Thank you for reading! :D

Monday, 30 June 2014

Bottle business!

Hi everyone!
Time for a new blog, I can't believe Castlefest is in a month, so much to do! :)

Last week I showed a picture of two huge troll feet, guess who they belong to now!

This fella! Remember when he was just a head?

A behind the scenes picture, you should know that my cat is in almost every troll-picture I've taken so far! She loves to be around when I take pictures. It took me 5 minutes to make her move over a little bit, sigh!  ;-)

After a couple of days I managed to finish part of his shirt and hat, it needs to be adjusted but I thought this picture was hilarious! Poor thing can't see anything! 

"Smile to the camera!"
                               "Where's the camera?!! Mom? MOOOM?!"

I've tried to make some sort of terrarium in a bottle, these are just tryouts. It's pretty hard to take a good picture of it, the colors are turning out pretty weird, LOL!
 I'm not sure I'll take them with me to Castlefest. What do you guys think?

This week I'll try to finish up the big Troll and start working on more pixies and cocoon babies :) 

Thank you for reading, bye for now!~

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Quick picture dump!

Hi guys!

A quick picture dump today, not much time for a blog, I'm sorry!
I'd like to share a few pictures of new friends that came to life last week :)

I'm currently working on the big troll's feet, I hope I can finish him in time for Castlefest! :D Yep, that's my hand! ;)


Monday, 16 June 2014

New Troll friends and decoration!

Last week was again quite busy but I took some time to make more pictures, finally! :D

The big Troll got his ears and his head is now cured :) I'm currently working on his armature and then proceed to sculpt his feet and hands. He's going to be pretty big!

Here's a picture of the big Troll's head next to my regular size dolls! (18-21 cm) Huuuge!!

I've already shown a picture on Facebook of our new hanging lamp in the living room, but I've added some lights to it. It looks so magical by night! :D

This is the lantern by day, I've added more lights to it (shown on the picture below)
There are 3 Trolls having fun in this lamp, Birch (in the hammock), Puck (on the swing)  and Aslan right above them, you can see his nose if you look closely ;) 

The hammock is handmade, here is a picture of the work in progress :)

The lamp by night, love all the little lights!

The weather was lovely and our garden was so colorful that I had to take some pictures of the Trolls outside!

We are also very excited about the young birds in the aviary, they are growing so well!!

These little cuties are Splendid Parakeets with their mother, only a few days old! This was May 22th.

And here we are, June 12, look at how big they are already! Can you believe how fast they've grown? 

They are almost ready to fly, since they are flapping their wings like crazy :D

Also a important reminder, the Pixie Giveaway ends the 18th (2 days from now!) 
Be sure to entern while you still can! ;)

That's it for this week, have a lovely week!