Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Mold Madness!

Sooo yeah, I am out of clay. That was unexpected.. LOL :D 

I'm currently waiting for fresh blocks of clay to arrive in the mail, in the meantime I'm working on a small batch of Grotto's, keychains and Trottles from my remaining resin. 

Almost everything is about to go empty! (Except my ideas and inspiration, whehw!)

This Grotto is about to get sewed together and his hair glued on. Because my glue was empty (REALLY?????!!!) I bought a different type of glue of which I thought it was better, but meh, it doesn't stick anything together, not even my fingers! o_O 

So I need to get a new container tomorrow :) 

These are sealed and almost ready for a body! I need to use gloss on the eyes and teeth :)

Last week almost all of my ordered things are in, except for some decoration on the table, which I expect to arrive around friday :)

Look at this! Whaaaa!!! I never thought it would come this far to actually have my own banner in my hands. It's so crazy and still unbelievable, but it's so awesome!!

My partner also ordered a T-shirt to wear at Castlefest, turned out pretty cute! It's a drawing of Rupert, made by Creepynurse on Deviantart!

Sooo that's all the news I have for you this week. The last weeks are so stressfull but I'll make sure it will be a very magical booth in August! I've spend the past days dressing Trolls, but I'll show that to you guys next time ;) 

Love and a happy week!


  1. Your banner is really fantastic! And running out of supplies? A good thing, in your case I would think! :)

    1. Heehee! Well, it's a bit stressfull to run out of supplies right before a event, but I have new fresh clay so it's all good now, haha! :D Thank you for your kind message, I'm so happy with the banner, so unreal! <3