Friday, 31 October 2014

Grover's place!

Remember this little guy? :D

In august, this little fella (scarlet -chested parrot) fell out of the nest. We (my partner and I) actually thought he passed away but when we came closer, his little tail moved. We took him home, kept him warm and fed him with a syringe. 

This is right after we found him;

The weeks of very intensive care that followed (including veeery early feedings @.@ ), we saw him visibly gaining strength, grow a beautiful feathery coat, eating food on his own, trying to fly (lots of stuff broke because he bumped into it.. he's a little clumsy :D ) and become a very happy, healthy and curious bird. 

We call him Grover. Yep! The blue muppet from Sesame Street! 

We decided to keep him at our own home and build him his very own aviary, Grover's place. That's why there was so much work around the house.

And since we fed him, he's very tame and thinks we're his mom&dad. He sits on our head/shoulder or near us when he's out of the aviary. We brought home a very pretty albino ladyfriend to keep him company. He loves to fly around with her and he actually started feeding her. That's a good sign, that means he likes her! :D

She's not as tame as he is, so he tries to "learn" her to come near to us. He will sit on our head, fly to her and then fly back onto our head, like he's showing her it's safe to sit there. So cute. 

Just look at that little face. He's completely soaked from taking a bath, looking like a mushroom and he doesn't understand why I'm laughing :D

Right now he's growing his new feather coat (young scarlet's do not grow their original color yet while growing up) and will get a very pretty cobalt blue head, white chest and black beak. 

Hope to show you some new pictures soon!

So proud of this little one! <3