Monday, 9 September 2013

Mod pick and Trottles!

Hi there!
I don't even know if anyone is interested in reading these, but for those who like to read it, I'll do my best to keep you up-to-date with the latest news around my studio :)

*The Hot Air Balloon Travelers
*Currently available for adoption
*Feature on Elfwood

The Hot Air Balloon Travelers;
The small balloon was finally finished.
I had a blast creating the balloon and it's travelers :)
I decided to try Ebay again after a while and it took a while, but I managed to get the balloons listing up and running and it was very exciting and heartwarming to see people bidding on it!
They are continuing their adventure in Belgium with a very sweet lady!


Currently available for adoption;
On Etsy I put up the aviator Angus;

And new are more Trottles, I finally finished them! :)

Feature on Elfwood;
The travelers are also chosen Mod-Pick on Elfwood, I feel very happy and honored about this!

That's it for now, have a great week! :D


Hoi allemaal!
Ik weet niet of mensen het interessant vinden om deze updates te lezen, maar voor diegene die het leuk vinden zal ik mijn best doen om dit blog up-to-date te houden met nieuws omtrend mijn studio :)

*Luchtballon reizigers
*Momenteel beschikbaar
*Mod-Pick op Etsy

De Luchtballon Reizigers:
De kleine ballon was eindelijk klaar!
Ik heb erg veel plezier gehad met het maken van deze ballon en zijn reizigers :)
Ik besloot om na lange tijd Ebay te gebruiken en het duurde even, maar ik kreeg het uiteindelijk voor elkaar om de Ballon online te zetten. Het was erg spannend en ook vooral hartverwarmend om te zien dat mensen er op boden!
Ze gaan nu hun avonturen voortzetten in Belgie bij een hele lieve dame!

Momenteel beschikbaar;
Op Etsy staat momenteel piloot Angus;

Ook staan er nieuwe Trottles op, ze zijn eindelijk klaar :)

Mod-pick op Elfwood:
De luchtballon reizigers zijn verkozen tot Mod-Pick op Elfwood. Ik voel me erg blij en vereerd!

Dat was de update voor vandaag, een fijne week toegewenst! :D

Monday, 2 September 2013

New website and info

(Vertaling in het Nederlands staat onderaan de pagina)

Hi everyone!
I'd like to make a few new announcements of what I'm working on at the moment :)

New followers and watchers:

The past week there was a huge wave of new likes and watchers on both Facebook and deviantArt!
 want to thank all of you lovely people for sharing, liking and leaving a comment on my page, this really means a lot to me!

So in behalf of me and all the trolls,  THANK YOU and welcome!

New website launched:
The new website is up and running, but still needs a few adjustments :)
I noticed important info about adopting and availability of the dolls was missing, so there will be a FAQ with more info about this. 

A few weeks ago I annouced to close my commissions for a while due to working on some new sculpting techniques. This was before my Facebook and deviantArt exploded (LOL) and the commission request kept coming in, so I've decided to accept a few new commissions for now. But! There will be a waiting list, and currently that one is about 2 months before I can start  working on your commission. My website will be updated soon (within a few days) with additional info about requesting a commission.

Project Hot Air Balloons!

I was planning on creating two hot air balloons, a small and a larger one. The small one is finished (phew!) and after taking pictures, it will be up and ready for auction on Ebay one of these days. I do not use Ebay that often but I decided to give it a shot. If Ebay and I can get along well, I'll put more dolls on there for adoption. We'll see!

Now for the big air balloon.. I finished the two bigger trolls who will fly with it, but I'm still working on the balloon, so they can't get into the air yet :) 
I honestly don't know when the big balloon will be finished due to commissions, I'll try to keep a few hours available to work on it!

Now that's about all the news I have for today. I wish you all a happy week and until the next update!


Hoi allemaal!
Ik wilde vandaag updaten waar ik momenteel aan werk of mee bezig ben :)

Nieuwe volgers en watchers:

De afgelopen week was er een gigantische toename van volgers en watchers op Facebook en deviantArt!
Ik wil graag iedereen bedanken die mijn werk heeft gedeeld, geliked of een berichtje heeft achtergelaten. Dit betekend echt heel veel voor me!
Dus  namens mij en alle trolletjes, DANKJEWEL en welkom!

Nieuwe website online:

De nieuwe website is online maar heeft nog een paar aanpassingen nodig.
Ik kwam er achter dat er belangrijke info mist over het adopteren en de beschikbaarheid van de trolletjes, dus hier wordt aan gewerkt :)

Een paar weken geleden heb ik laten weten mijn opdrachten even op stop te zetten om te gaan werken/ oefenen met  nieuwe boetseertechnieken. Dat was voordat mijn Facebook en deviantArt explodeerde (LOL) en de opdrachten binnen bleven stromen. Ik heb daarom besloten nog een aantal opdrachten aan te nemen. Maar! Er is wel een wachtlijst. Het zal ongeveer twee maanden duren voordat ik aan je opdracht kan beginnen. Op mijn website komt binnenkort (binnen een paar dagen) meer info over het aanvragen van een opdracht.

Project Luchtballonnen:
Ik ben de afgelopen weken bezig geweest met het maken van twee luchtballonnen, een grote en een kleine.
De kleine luchtballon is klaar en zodra ik foto’s heb genomen gaat de ballon met trollen po Ebay. Ik gebruik Ebay niet vaak maar ik heb besloten het toch nog een keer te proberen. Mochten Ebay en ik dan eindelijk vriendjes worden, zet ik er in de toekomst misschien meer op. We zullen zien!

Dan de grote luchtballon.. Ik heb de twee trollen die mee zullen vliegen klaar, maar de ballon nog niet. Ik weet oprecht niet wanneer deze klaar is, ik zal proberen tussen de bedrijven door hieraan te werken!

Dat was al het nieuws wat ik te melden had voor vandaag. Ik wens je een hele mooie week toe en tot de volgende update!

(Internetknuffel, sla je armen om je monitor heen!)

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Acorn Troll Necklaces

Since I'm waiting for bottles to create new Trottles (That rhymes! ) I decided to create a necklace I've had in mind for ages!
This sculpted acorn has a small troll inside of it! 

There are 2 of them available in my Etsy shop, I'm going to sculpt more of them soon :)

Monday, 22 July 2013

A mysterious package...

Meet Owlie! 
A wonderful Art Doll created by Jelka from Studio Sterna!
I love this incredibly detailed owl and the trolls have a lot of fun with their new friend!
Thank you Jelka for adorable Owlie! :D

Thursday, 18 July 2013


Good evening all! 

I have a few things on my mind I want to talk about, so it's time for another blog I guess :D

Trolls in a bottle
I uploaded a picture of a very tiny troll in a bottle and having no clue how to name them, I got so much lovely name ideas that it was hard to pick one!

I started a poll on I should name these little creatures. The poll just closed and with 47% the name TROTTLES won!

These little creatures will be available in my Etsy store as soon as I got my new bottles, so probably within one or two weeks :)

Gizmo and Castlefest
In august there will be another big fantasy event where me and Gizmo will wander around, looking at wonderful costumes!

I decided I should look at Gizmo's design again and I was not satisfied with his armature yet. 

I'm currently taking him apart very carefully and am completely redoing his armature, now hoping he will be a bit stronger than before. It's so difficult to create a strong armature for such a large doll! I need to test some armatures before I put him together again, but he will definitely be with me at the festival! :)

For my own costume, I'm not going to change much on it. I won't be wearing my hat, it's quite heavy and I get a headache from it if I wear it for too long.

I have so many ideas spinning trough my mind. I have a style in mind, some kind of shaman / forest lady.  I really adore Tia Dalma's style from Pirates of the Caribbean, but I don't know what that's called ^^;
I'm currently looking for some pretty feathers to put in my hair :aww:

I want to have way more details on my costume, but I'm really struggling with what kind of materials and stuff I should use for detailing.

Leafs, feathers and...... then my mind is pretty much blank :rofl:

So that's about it, have a very nice day/evening/night, depending on where you are ;)

Olly's great treasure!

While me and Olly searched the woods for fairy friends, Olly suddenly squeaked in excitement and ran off into a bush. 

I quickly followed him and found him holding some red object.
He was so excited! He told me he found something very rare and interesting, it was a dragon egg! 

He carefully put it back and covered it with some leaves and twigs. 

I don't know.. I'm pretty sure it was a wild strawberry..

Belian's day out

Walked through our garden today when I suddenly heard a strange noise. I thought it was bumblebee, but it sounded more like someone was humming a song. 

The humming stopped and someone very close by said 'Good morning to you!'

Hanging upside down on a branch, Belian waved at me. 
'What are you doing down there, be careful! You could fall down!' I yelled at him.

He giggled and tried to pull himself up to sit on the branch. After a few clumsy minutes he managed to sit down on the branch and smile at me.

'Sorry' he said, trying to hide his smirk and continued to climb higher. I sighed and walked away.

A few moments later I heard a branch snap, a thud in the soil and Belian yelling 'Ouch!', followed by hysterical laughter and 'I'm OK!'