Thursday, 25 July 2013

Acorn Troll Necklaces

Since I'm waiting for bottles to create new Trottles (That rhymes! ) I decided to create a necklace I've had in mind for ages!
This sculpted acorn has a small troll inside of it! 

There are 2 of them available in my Etsy shop, I'm going to sculpt more of them soon :)

Monday, 22 July 2013

A mysterious package...

Meet Owlie! 
A wonderful Art Doll created by Jelka from Studio Sterna!
I love this incredibly detailed owl and the trolls have a lot of fun with their new friend!
Thank you Jelka for adorable Owlie! :D

Thursday, 18 July 2013


Good evening all! 

I have a few things on my mind I want to talk about, so it's time for another blog I guess :D

Trolls in a bottle
I uploaded a picture of a very tiny troll in a bottle and having no clue how to name them, I got so much lovely name ideas that it was hard to pick one!

I started a poll on I should name these little creatures. The poll just closed and with 47% the name TROTTLES won!

These little creatures will be available in my Etsy store as soon as I got my new bottles, so probably within one or two weeks :)

Gizmo and Castlefest
In august there will be another big fantasy event where me and Gizmo will wander around, looking at wonderful costumes!

I decided I should look at Gizmo's design again and I was not satisfied with his armature yet. 

I'm currently taking him apart very carefully and am completely redoing his armature, now hoping he will be a bit stronger than before. It's so difficult to create a strong armature for such a large doll! I need to test some armatures before I put him together again, but he will definitely be with me at the festival! :)

For my own costume, I'm not going to change much on it. I won't be wearing my hat, it's quite heavy and I get a headache from it if I wear it for too long.

I have so many ideas spinning trough my mind. I have a style in mind, some kind of shaman / forest lady.  I really adore Tia Dalma's style from Pirates of the Caribbean, but I don't know what that's called ^^;
I'm currently looking for some pretty feathers to put in my hair :aww:

I want to have way more details on my costume, but I'm really struggling with what kind of materials and stuff I should use for detailing.

Leafs, feathers and...... then my mind is pretty much blank :rofl:

So that's about it, have a very nice day/evening/night, depending on where you are ;)

Olly's great treasure!

While me and Olly searched the woods for fairy friends, Olly suddenly squeaked in excitement and ran off into a bush. 

I quickly followed him and found him holding some red object.
He was so excited! He told me he found something very rare and interesting, it was a dragon egg! 

He carefully put it back and covered it with some leaves and twigs. 

I don't know.. I'm pretty sure it was a wild strawberry..

Belian's day out

Walked through our garden today when I suddenly heard a strange noise. I thought it was bumblebee, but it sounded more like someone was humming a song. 

The humming stopped and someone very close by said 'Good morning to you!'

Hanging upside down on a branch, Belian waved at me. 
'What are you doing down there, be careful! You could fall down!' I yelled at him.

He giggled and tried to pull himself up to sit on the branch. After a few clumsy minutes he managed to sit down on the branch and smile at me.

'Sorry' he said, trying to hide his smirk and continued to climb higher. I sighed and walked away.

A few moments later I heard a branch snap, a thud in the soil and Belian yelling 'Ouch!', followed by hysterical laughter and 'I'm OK!'