Monday, 30 June 2014

Bottle business!

Hi everyone!
Time for a new blog, I can't believe Castlefest is in a month, so much to do! :)

Last week I showed a picture of two huge troll feet, guess who they belong to now!

This fella! Remember when he was just a head?

A behind the scenes picture, you should know that my cat is in almost every troll-picture I've taken so far! She loves to be around when I take pictures. It took me 5 minutes to make her move over a little bit, sigh!  ;-)

After a couple of days I managed to finish part of his shirt and hat, it needs to be adjusted but I thought this picture was hilarious! Poor thing can't see anything! 

"Smile to the camera!"
                               "Where's the camera?!! Mom? MOOOM?!"

I've tried to make some sort of terrarium in a bottle, these are just tryouts. It's pretty hard to take a good picture of it, the colors are turning out pretty weird, LOL!
 I'm not sure I'll take them with me to Castlefest. What do you guys think?

This week I'll try to finish up the big Troll and start working on more pixies and cocoon babies :) 

Thank you for reading, bye for now!~

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Quick picture dump!

Hi guys!

A quick picture dump today, not much time for a blog, I'm sorry!
I'd like to share a few pictures of new friends that came to life last week :)

I'm currently working on the big troll's feet, I hope I can finish him in time for Castlefest! :D Yep, that's my hand! ;)


Monday, 16 June 2014

New Troll friends and decoration!

Last week was again quite busy but I took some time to make more pictures, finally! :D

The big Troll got his ears and his head is now cured :) I'm currently working on his armature and then proceed to sculpt his feet and hands. He's going to be pretty big!

Here's a picture of the big Troll's head next to my regular size dolls! (18-21 cm) Huuuge!!

I've already shown a picture on Facebook of our new hanging lamp in the living room, but I've added some lights to it. It looks so magical by night! :D

This is the lantern by day, I've added more lights to it (shown on the picture below)
There are 3 Trolls having fun in this lamp, Birch (in the hammock), Puck (on the swing)  and Aslan right above them, you can see his nose if you look closely ;) 

The hammock is handmade, here is a picture of the work in progress :)

The lamp by night, love all the little lights!

The weather was lovely and our garden was so colorful that I had to take some pictures of the Trolls outside!

We are also very excited about the young birds in the aviary, they are growing so well!!

These little cuties are Splendid Parakeets with their mother, only a few days old! This was May 22th.

And here we are, June 12, look at how big they are already! Can you believe how fast they've grown? 

They are almost ready to fly, since they are flapping their wings like crazy :D

Also a important reminder, the Pixie Giveaway ends the 18th (2 days from now!) 
Be sure to entern while you still can! ;)

That's it for this week, have a lovely week!

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Challenging Sizes

The past week was a week of sculpting in challenging sizes, small and large!

First, the smallest size is meant to be Trottle 2.0! The first Trottle was created back in July 2013 and I wanted to challenge myself to create a newer, smoother and smaller version. They might be part of a collaboration soon, but I can't tell much about that yet ;)

This is one of the first Trottles, July 2013

This is a smaller, new version of a Trottle. He's 1 by 1 cm tall. I'm currently working on casting them, the first bubble-less cast finally worked! :D

They will be coming along with me to Castlefest as well, I'm going to put them in a small bottle :)

And after a whole day of working this small, my hands where itching to create something way bigger!
This picture is from a work in progress, he has ears now and is ready to be baked :)

I'm also dressing the previous sculpted dolls, this one is going to be a captain :D

This is the blog for now, I'm currently madly busy with dressing and sculpting and planning and resin casts, I hope I will have more time next week to take pictures and write more :D

Cheers, have a happy week! 

Monday, 2 June 2014

Burnt ears and a Giveaway!

Time flies, only 8 weeks until Castlefest! Eeeek!

Thinking about all the Trolls that still need to be created make me so nervous! But I'm really having fun so far creating all these little fella's.

I hope I'm still able to put them up for adoption and not be tempted to keep them all, LOL! ;-)

As far as my planning goes, it's going pretty well actually! 

The inspiration seems endless and sculpting goes very smooth. 

Last week I created two Troll friends, still thinking about a name for these guys :)

I also had a accident with the oven today, I thought I did put my oven on 130 degrees Celsius but nope! I hit 160 degrees Celsius by accident! NooOooOoOOoo!!

Because of this 5 of my freshly baked heads have burnt ears and / or noses.. Yikes!

I'm not sure yet if I can use them, maybe I'll use them anyway if the material is not damaged too bad. Next time I need to be more careful! o_O

Aaaand because I've reached 750 Followers on Facebook (crazy!!) I decided to throw in another give-away :)
Please go to my Facebook page at to enter the giveaway!

That's it for now!
Thank you for reading and good luck with the Give-Away! ;-)

Also, this music is so pretty!!