Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Baby Boom!

The new clay arrived! Yaaay! *happy dance*
I've accidentally ordered the wrong color, but I was so surprised by the outcome of the baked pieces that I decided that it's my new favorite!
The colors are a lot more vibrant than the color I used before, so that's a plus! 

The past week was a very productive week which flow I hope to continue all the way to Castlefest :D

Last week I finished the Grotto's I was working on, I took them with me to our garden, they seemed to like it! 

These are actually my favorite flowers, I have no idea how they are called in English! I can't seem to find the right name after a google search. They are called "IJsbloemen" in Dutch :)

I've made some Potion bottles, I'm using them as necklaces now, but I may just use them as potion bottles for the trolls, not sure yet :)

The past week and this week are filled with little baby trolls! I made a batch of cocoon babies;

And I'm currently sculpting full body baby trolls. My partner suggested to put them in bird's nests, which I thought was a good idea!
I've bought some coconut fiber, moss, glue and most important, iced coffee (so important!)  to get started. 

After fighting with hotglue and thread for about an hour, this is the end result!

And the second one;

Last but not least, this little friend joined us! He's waiting for new clothing which he will get this week :)

That was it for this week, thank you all for reading! ;)

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