Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Getting there!

Wheeeeew!! It was a very busy yet fun week!

First, I want to show you how the big doll (Called Nevan now!) turned out!

This is a work in progress picture of one of his gloves. They are so huge they almost fit me!

And here he is! All finished and ready to come with me to Castlefest :D I'll take some better pictures of him soon, these are just quick snapshots with my phone.

I posted a picture of a bottle last week that I wasn't very fond of yet. Thanks to some great advice/inspiration from two readers I decided to try out something fun!

Last week was full of butterflies and toadstools !

I will use the other half of my bottles for making Trottles.

Now that Castlefest is getting closer, I wanted to sketch and try out the decoration of my booth. 

I've made a picture of one of the tiny details I will put down.

 The color of the cloth is going to be black, the measurement of the booth is off because this is just a test to see how it will turn out :)

I finally ordered everything I need to decorate the booth so it will be delivered in time, I'm so excited to see how it'll look all together!

Last weekend we bought new lights for our tent, it looks so magical! I'll take a better picture soon, here we were still in the process of attaching them to out tent ;)

We also went to a amazing garden called "Ampies Berg" in the Netherlands. This is a private garden, started by two brothers, inspired by Austria's nature.

They worked for over 50 years on this and it was so awesome to see! The highest point is about 15 meters ( 49 feet) tall! Everything you see is build by hand, every rock and every flower. Wicked!

So now onto a new week full of sculpting and finishing the last dolls, wish me luck, this is how my desk looks now! @.@

Thank you for reading! :D


  1. yay you, your stuff is awesome!! I think I'm in love with Nevan... <3

  2. You are so sweet Nikki! <3 Thank you so much! I'll tell Nevan! ;)